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Under the Bridge of Lions and On to Cumberland Island

We left Oyster Creek and St. Augustine this morning transiting underneath the Bridge of Lions which has been in construction mode since we ventured by here in 2005. This iconic bridge links the city, founded by Spanish military forces in 1565, with the resort communities of Anastasia Island is getting more than a facelift – it will be rebuilt in its own image, but in a way that will stand the test of time for generations to come.


After a long day on the water we reached our anchorage at Cumberland Island. The guys got the dinghy down and Ross went exploring by himself while we got dinner started. Steaks on the grill tonight and early to bed. Tomorrow we all dinghy over to the park to see the old houses, wild horses, beach and marshlands. Quiet night at anchor we will sleep well I think that the boat is hardly moving at all.


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  1. Jim & Lisa,

    I have been following your trip fairly steady since last fall. And it appears our paths have “almost” crossed, physically, several times. The first time was in Ludington last fall. My boating group had spent the Labor Weekend at the Harbor View Marina, returning to Sheboygan, WI on Labor Day, September 1. We had also been to DuSable Marina the first weekend of August.

    But, the closest path-crossing happened last week. I just returned to WI on Saturday, having spent five days beginning April 14 with my oldest brother and his wife at their condo on Jacksonville Beach. In looking at your entry for April 15, I imagine you could have passed right by us on April 15 on your way up to Cumberland Island from St. Augustine. We were right on the beach. Did you travel out on the ocean on this leg, or is there an ICW path on this stretch of the trip? If you went via the ocean, when were you going past the Jacksonville Beach area?

    Regardless, I remember sitting on the balcony of his condo on the 11th floor, looking out on the ocean the evening of the 14th, telling my brother about your trip and how you could be close by. Little did I know.

    Hope the remainder of the trip goes smoothly, and not too fast.

    Thanks for sharing with the rest of us.


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