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Time to Pull

We were off early this morning to go the short distance to Lee Spry Marine, in Iuka, Mississippi, to have the boat hauled to have the props checked. Before we make our journey down the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway we wanted to make sure we had no damage from the debris we negotiated during and after the flooded waters of the Illinois River. We thought there might be just the slightest vibration, enough to warrant the pull. To our surprise the prop was as good as new so while the boat was out we had Lee’s staff replace the prop zincs, which were loose and may have contributed to the vibration, at the same time they did a few maintenance tasks. The good news… it costs less than expected and we are back in the water just about 2 hours later, giving ourselves two more days to enjoy the Tenn-Tom. It’s always nice to have bonus days.

Twelve locks and 445 scenic miles and we’ll be in Mobile Bay. Our plan is to take twelve days, spending half at anchor and the balance in small town marinas in Mississippi and Alabama before we start to see gators and dolphins.



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