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River Rats Unite

The first evening of the AGLCA Rendezvous brought some attention to the “River Rats.” We are a group of boaters who were caught up in the flooding of the Illinois River after Hurricane Ike ravaged much of the south. Many of us were stuck or held up much longer, at docks, marinas and anchorages, than we had planned due to portions of the river being closed and locks with debris or mechanical problems.


Shortly after the initial flooding it occurred to Ron and Linda Gumm on Etcetera that when the river finally did open up and be in shape to travel on there may be a problem with the many Looper boats now bunching up in areas where they could get to but could not go further. So, they organized a system to start moving the boats south in an organized manor so that people would not show up at Hoppies, for example, which only holds a limited number of boats, and not be able to get dockage for the night. There are not many options in this area and fifty boats now moving in a hurry to make up lost time could become a nightmare. So, tonight they were presented with the biggest rat, and mousetrap, the group could find as a memento of their role in helping us all move safely south.



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