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Little Harbor Side Trip

Little Harbor is the southern most inhabited place in the Sea of Abaco, only a 14-mile boat ride away from our dock at Sea Spray on Elbow Cay. This is a beautiful cove which has room enough for about fifteen boats.


 Just over the bluff behind Pete’s Pub is this fantastic ocean view.


It was a full moon tonight so the tiny harbor was lit up brightly and the moon rising over the ocean was spectacular.



Besides the natural beauty we were drawn to Little Harbor to visit the famous Pete’s Pub and Sculpture Gallery. The Gallery is a collection of work from several artists including Pete Johnston (below – left), the current owner, who is a real character, and Bob Zewickel (below – right) both of whom we had the pleasure of meeting.

Pete is a bronze sculptor, using the Lost Wax Process, who inherited his skills from his famous father, Randolph Johnston, who while cruising with his family on their schooner, the Langosta,  discovered Little Harbor in the 1950s. They lived in a cave overlooking the harbor while they built their house and foundry.

We first met Pete in the studio/foundry, he was waiting for a meeting with a client on the wax bust he was working on. Bob was working on a painting in the gallery when we met him and found out he had just sold his catamaran after being a live-a-board boater for many years.

For more info on the history of Little Harbor and the Johnston family click on the link below.


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