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Here We Go Again

Life is a highway of adventure or in our case… a waterway. In keeping with that spirit we’ve decided It’s time to invest ourselves deeper into the world of boating. Our friend Rick Garton and Bill Allgaier have established HarborView Yacht Sales and are the new Great Lakes dealers for Fathom Yachts. We were invited to merge our talents with theirs and work on making HarborView a fun, prosperous venture.Lisa is doing all their start up work as far as print materials, graphics and website design and production. Jim will be working as an independent sales agent drumming up business for the Fathom 40 Fast Expedition Trawler. We have known for some time that we wanted to be involved in a new career and because of our passion for boating type adventures we thought this would be a good fit for us. So, on December 1st, 2007 we leave for Seattle, Washington where we’ll spend 2 months, occasionally, checking in on the final phase of construction of our new grey hulled, 40′ Fathom trawler… the new Kismet. Once completed in mid-January we plan on using the boat in the greater Seattle area where you can boat year round. We are especially looking forward to the next 5 months of boating in new territory, seeing the wonders of the Pacific Northwest. As usual the tough part will be the time we’re away from family and friends.In April the boat will be shipped, by truck, to Wisconsin where we’ll then motor across Lake Michighan and back to Charlevoix for the summer. In the fall we intend to head south toward the rivers to do another Loop.We look forward to sharing our adventure with you as the months ahead of us unfold. We’ll include pictures of construction, the initial splash and some of our cruises while out west.

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