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Deception Pass

Today we went through Deception Pass. This pass was discovered and named by Vancouver’s exploration team a couple hundred years ago and is revered today, as it was then, as one of North America’s most treacherous passes, with currents that can run as fast as 8 knots. It is recommended that you run the pass at slack tide to reduce your exposure to the whirlpools created by the narrow passage and to have more control of your vessel.

We left from our secluded anchorage at said time and proceeded through with relative ease through the narrow passage traveled by Vancouver, Baker and Whidbey 200 years earlier. A short time after we had traveled through the pass a boat that was coming in as we were heading out radioed the Coat Guard that they had run a ground, so even at slack tide there are no guarantees.

We didn’t get many photos going through so after we got settled in Anacortes we made a road trip over on land to take some incredible photos of the bridge that spans the pass and the pass itself.


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