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Christmas In Seattle

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SNOW IN SEATTLE ON CHRISTMAS DAY! This is a rare event we are told.We were a long ways from home for the holidays but the Innkeeper, Michael, and the many other residents of the guest house helped make us feel right at home with a big Turkey dinner and pleasant company. We missed our young men and being close to our families but we called everyone on Christmas day and tried to be as close as we could.We have gotten to know several of the people here at the B&B and some that have come back just for the holiday. We have enjoyed everyone’s company and have found this to be a home away from home and a good place to be for the holidays. We also met a young woman, Barbara, from italy who stayed here for the holidays and it was fun trying to communicate with her. On her last night here she made us all a big spaghetti dinner, Italian style. We were in heaven.

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