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Christmas Day We Arrive in Fort Myers Beach

We started the day with beignets and coffee as we headed for our dock at Fort Myers Beach. It’s a little hard getting used to the idea of it being Christmas when the temperature is in the eighties but we managed. So today we just relaxed, tried to stay cool, went to the beach, cooked a big Christmas dinner, watched the sun set and walked around the little beach town after we ate.


Friday we did some work in the morning and then went for a little dinghy ride with the thought in mind of acquiring some fresh shrimp from one of the fishing docks. As we were headed over towards where the fishing boats were we scanned the marina close by for Looper boats and found, to our surprise, the boat Skinwalker sitting at dock. If you are an AGLCA member you would be familiar with the name of this boat and it’s owners, Wayne and Lynne Flatt. Wayne is an amazing writer who can paint a picture, with words so real, you can almost touch it and feel it’s temperature with your mind and once you have read one of his pieces you will be hungry for more. We have been fans a long while, so to meet them, visit and go over charts with them was a real treat for us.


As we were about to leave after our visit with the Flatt’s they took us to a boat which they had heard had the best deal on shrimp. So after securing the shrimp we were on our way, back to the boat for a yummy shrimp cocktail.


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