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Back in the U.S.A

Hello Florida, we’re back enjoying, once again, the amenities we have forsaken while in the Abacos. However, while we are slowly calling and emailing friends and family to announce our return, we miss the pace of the islands and being AWAY. Jim had declared our first night in the Abacos that we should not watch any news the whole time we were there and I agreed. That small decision combined with no phone reception and sporadic internet connections made for a delightfully relaxing time while in the islands.

We are glad that that crossing is behind us. The weather cooperated right up until we were a few miles out when a storm started to brew. Since we got in so late in the day we anchored out in Fort Pierce on Tuesday night and then went over to the marina first thing in the morning. Freedom’s Turn Crossed over with us and we were all able to reconnect with Larry and Margie on Wanderin’ L&M who have been spending the month at this marina.

Saturday we will begin to slowly crawl north up the ICW to the Palm Coast (Thursday) where we will leave our boat for a few days while we drive up to the AGLCA Rendezvous in Charleston, SC, just for the last day of the event. Then, when we get back our son Ross will be joining us for a week as we head to Savannah.

With the readily available internet access we finally got caught up on the blog.

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