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Another Free Dock in New Smyrna

We love Free Docks. They are almost always situated right near the heart of a little town. There usually is no electricity or water however, we have been to some that do have these “extras.” We have been to this one in New Smyrna before and loved how it is situated.

While I was working on the boat Jim went to find a mailbox and came back sporting a new haircut. If you have seen his pics lately it was a little overdo. We left early in the morning after visiting the local bakery for some very delicious cinnamon rolls.


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  1. I plan on sialing the Great Loop last half of 2014 in a 26 foot Hunter sailboat – alone. I have never been through a lock (but will practice going through one on the Cheboygan River in Northern Michgain). Do you believe one person can handle the lines needed to go through a lock?


    Dale R. Suiter
    Atlanta, MI

    1. We have never done this ourselves let alone on a sailboat, however we have met many single handed sailors. Might be good to ask this question of a sailor with a boat similar to yours.

      The Great Loop is an adventure. Enjoy!

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