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Weather Delay Day On Caladesi Island, Florida


We were to leave Caladesi Island today to go to Tarpon Springs but there were high winds and very unstable weather. No problem for us as Jim and I did some more exploring of the island. We took the 2.5-mile trail around the island and got our dose of fresh air for the day. We didn’t see much wildlife but the hammock was lush and inviting.


We took Thomas’ advice and sat for a while and just listened.


Today all the birds have been hiding out from the high winds in the mangrove behind our boat. They look cold and wet but they sure know where to hide out.


This armadillo was the only wild creature, except for some birds, stirring on our little jaunt through the hammock and he seemed totally oblivious to our presence as we were trying to get a good photo of him.


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