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Plus Two – Minus One

Similar to Noah’s Ark we have two of everything and often times more, but in our case no animals. In preparing for the Great Loop we’ve been stocking up on engine pencil zincs, fuel filters, oil filters, oil, belts, impellers, tools, spare anchor and rode all in preparation for departure day. We’ve found from experience that it’s good to be prepared when the need arises. Murphy’s law would dictate that we’d not be able to purchase whatever it is we would need when we would truly need it, so the best defense is to be prepared by stocking the necessities.

Having two vehicles sit for two years doesn’t make sense financially so we’re selling Lisa’s car. This eliminates the ongoing expense of insurance, storage and depreciation. I’ve found a place to store my truck but this time I’m going to disconnect the battery. We don’t need another dead battery to replace like last time. Once the truck is in storage we’ll call the insurance company to reduce the coverage to storage only mode, a huge savings.

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