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Trent Severn Waterway – Juniper Island Anchorage, Canada


We left Peterborough for a long half-hour. per lock and that’s if it’s not busy. We haven’t had to wait long to get into the locks since many of the days we’ve been traveling have been during the week and we think the gas crisis has affected boating somewhat. Also, it is not their busy season until closer to the end of June.




During one of our lock throughs today we met a boater who was from the area we were in and he directed us to a very nice anchorage at Juniper Island. This particular area has a lot of rock islands similar in formation to the North Channel area of Canada. This region has been the most beautiful we’ve seen in Canada up to this point. Lots of little, modest cottages, (remember those?), perched on rocky shores, dot the islands in a very natural way. We spent a very quiet night at anchor listening to the loons sing and watching fish jump and splash in the water.


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