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Trent Severn Waterway – Trenton, Ontario Canada


Our next destination was to head to Trenton, a 38-mile run through beautiful waters with small cottages, large farms on hills off the water’s edge. At times cautious navigation was required because of shallow waters and narrow channels. Overall a very pleasant day was had to reach this active town. Trenton is the beginning of the Trent Severn Waterway. We stayed at the very small, however very well managed, Trenton Marina.


So, now that we are in Canada we have to convert gallons to liters and U.S. dollars to Canadian. So, a liter of gas was $1.20 and if you buy 4 liters that equals $4.80 Canadian. This equals about $1.056 gallons. You then convert the Canadian dollar back to U.S. and it equals $4.08 per gallon. That hurts! It’s a good thing we were full when we left New York. We had drinks with Rick and Mary, on the other Kismet, as well as with our friend Todd tonight after a beautiful day of cruising.


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