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Trent Severn Waterway – Fenelon Falls, Canada


We left early  for Fenelon Falls. This is home to some fellow Loopers we met in Ft. Myers, Florida, Norm and Barb Hewton on Beta Omega. Another long day cruising but what sights we have seen. More miles covered and less locks to travel today. As we’ve made our way through Canada we have to tell you that our arms are getting really sore!!! Every boat we pass, every house, with people outside, all the people visiting the locks (each one is also a park with benches and picnic tables) we have to wave. The Canadians are so friendly, helpful and lovable. We also notice that people love to fish here. We have seen more people fishingthan anywhere on our trip so far. We even saw one boy fishing with a Canadian fishing pole… a hockey stick rigged up with line, hook and bait.

We arrived at the Fenelon Falls almost free dock and tied up next to the lock and the great falls that the city is named after. We were able to visit the Hewtons as they are only about a block downriver on a bluff not far from where we tied up.


We also passed through the little town of Bobcaygeon today but didn’t have time to stop. Mental note: make this a “Must Stop” next time, looks like a charming little town.


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