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Anchorage in Matanzas Inlet & Touring Fort Matanzas


We were fortunate to tour Fort Matanzas when Kevin McCarthy was on duty as the tour guide. In my next life I would love to have Kevin as my history teacher. He has a very good grasp of local history and delivers his knowledge with lots of zest and enthusiasm.

The Matanzas Inlet is 14 miles south of St. Augustine. The construction of Fort Matanzas (the spanish word for “slaughter”) in 1740-42, was Spain’s last effort to ward off British encroachments on St. Augustine. Fort Matanzas guarded St. Augstine’s southern river approach and was the scene of crucial events in Spanish colonial history. The tower of the fort is made of coquina, a local shellstone. Lime for the mortar was made by burning oyster shells.

For more information on Fort Matanzas CLICK HERE!


Uh Ohhhhh… looks like Kismet is in the line of fire.


During the sunset we also watched a big fire on the horizon .


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