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Three-Day Ride Back to Solomons, MD

We took three days on our return from the Capitol to Solomons.


As we were passing Mount Vernon the 220-foot boat named White Cloud, which was docked with us in DC and now traveling a ways with us down the Potomac, pulls alongside of us on the glassy slack-tide water and slows to a crawl. We watched as the family entered their personal helicopter and took off from the landing pad on the deck of the yacht. It was fun to see, but with 15 crew members one can only imagine what the overhead is on such a large yacht.



Later that day we settled into our anchorage at Port Tobacco River, not far off the Potomac River, for the evening. Since it was a fairly open anchorage we were lucky that it was not a windy night. As dark night sky settles in and a storm appears on the horizon we’re treated to one of the most spectacular electric light shows we’ve ever seen. Lighting, thunder, dark clouds and then a downpour of rain. The good news is the boat never budged, our new Beugel anchor held us securely in place.


A second nights anchorage at Long Cove off the West Yeocomico River puts us just shy of the Chesapeake Bay and our return to the Solomons. We were extremely pleased with ourselves for waiting for the weather to clear so that we could enjoy the good weather window we eventually experienced while traveling on the grand, historic Potomac River.

On the calm and peaceful Saturday afternoon, we went out exploring in the dinghy and at the nearby sandy point we came across a few pirates and their ship while they were taking a little break from looting and pillaging the neighboring community.



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