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They’re Blue and They’re Divine!

Yes, we’re talking about the Blue Angels. They practiced over our marina for a few days before the Southernmost Air Spectacular show which was at the Naval Air Station on Boca Chica, the next island up from us. Of course we had to take our chairs and unbrella to see our favorite aviators.


As much as we love the Blue angels we were even more amazed and astounded by the daredevil Franklin’s Flying Circus ( Kyle Franklin as Captain Kyro and Amanda Franklin as the Wingwalker, Scandalous Scarlett (below-left).


After the wingwalker act Fat Albert made his appearance followed shortly after by the incredible Blue Angels.


It was so hot out on the tarmac that if you didn’t have an umbrella to shade you from the intense rays of the sun you were sure to get fried. This is definitely the most umbrellas we’ve seen in one spot on a sunny day.


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