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The “Pool” at the End of Baie Fine – North Channel



Baie Fine is a wonderful 10-mile cruise laden with fantastic photo opportunities around each rocky bend and cliff as you work your way up to a little cove called the “Pool.”

We anchored, as is tradition, in the med-moor style with a stern line run to shore and tied securely to a tree. It was so peaceful we stayed for two days but could have easily stayed a week. Too much to see and too little time I guess. Our first day we spent swimming around the boat (taking a fresh water bath) and cooking dinner on the rocky shore. The entire time I was cooking I was watching out for bear, thinking the aroma from the grille might attract their attention. It was only a week earlier we had spotted a bear at Crocker Island so I guess I was a little on edge.Because of the narrow entrance to the “Pool” boaters are protected 360 degrees around an anchorage. We found ourselves sitting at the bottom of a rocky ravine and loving the natural beauty.


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