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“The Old Bay” MTOA Rendezvous – Crisfield, MD


MTOA (Marine Trawler Owners Association) is a member driven cruising club that Lisa and I joined earlier in the year. We joined as a means to meet like type boaters as we travel and through their national and regional gatherings. As luck would have it MTOA was having a National Rendezvous in Crisfield, Maryland… a short 45 miles southwest of Solomons on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay. The mission of the group is to share, compare, help and educate its mostly trawler owner members in their boat cruising lifestyle and with over 2,000 members there is a large collective data base in the minds of its members, which for us translates into being more informed.


Crab picking night (above – left to right Brantly, Brenda, Frank Erwin-President of MTOA)


 Hurricane Hazel gave a real life demonstration on crab picking.


We were surprised to see some boaters we have met over the last four years. The Hucks on Sybaris, the Romans on Andante and the Esch’s on Fet-Esch to name a few. MTOA, much like AGLCA, has group dinners, cocktail hours, pot-luck spreads in the evenings and it’s all great fun.


Above right to left: Lee and Carol, Carol Anne; Louis and Diane, Bella Luna; Brantly and Brenda, Reel Estate. Below right: Karen and Jeffery Siegel (Active Captain) aCappella and Brantly and Brenda again.


It’s always easy to strike up a conversation with a fellow boater, they’re always willing to help or share an idea and this is what MTOA and AGLCA are all about. It was even easier for us at the MTOA rendezvous because it’s an all volunteer organization where everyone chips in with chores, committees, etc. Lisa poured drinks and I worked moving tables and chairs… all stuff that needs to be done but in the course of doing so we were getting to know our new club members.


Life is soooo good especially after a piece of Smith Island layered cake.

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