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Sunset Marina

Our marina is teaming with fish. There are at least a dozen Tarpon, some over three feet. They swim near the harbor office with lots of smaller fish, today I saw two stingrays. I think they hang out in this spot waiting to get fed, along with the friendly pelicans, by the returning fishermen who clean their fish on the dock. Lisa bought me a fishing pole so I’m sure we’ll be having some fishing photos soon. I have been making a water viewing bucket so that we can try catching some small lobster also.

Because we preferred not to be in the thick of all the downtown Key West tourist commotion we choose Sunset Marina for our January stay. Sunset is four miles from downtown on Stock Island. We can either dinghy or take the bus into town, both interesting and adventurous routes. The bus keeps us dry and can get us to just about anywhere we need to go but on their schedule. I prefer to be a little more flexible so when the weather conditions are right we use our dinghy to run into town, go to the store or a local watering hole or even downtown where there is a dinghy dock for five bucks a day.



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