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Stranded Naked’s 20th Anniversary Party/Fundraiser

Look closely at the bank hours (below-top/left). It seems they have to come from another island to open up this office only half days, two days a week. This was an interesting bottle of rum that we had never seen before. (below-top/middle) We found out that the burial society meets regularily on mondays at the coffee shop. (below-top/right)


We heard that there was a fundraiser in the little town of New Plymouth today so we headed over in the dinghy. They really know how to feed people here. A Cheeseburger, fries and a rum drink all for $2.00 and for a good cause, the island’s fire department. We met some people from Grand Rapids, Michigan, they are in the Bahamas on their sailboat,Vince and Maria, Amante.


“Bobb” Henderson on the houseboat Stranded Naked hosted this fundraiser at the town park on Green Turtle Cay. The party is being held to celebrate Stranded Naked’s slow arrival into Green Turtle Cay over 20 years ago from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They departed Fort Lauderdale on October 21, 1988 and arrived in Green Turtle Cay one week later on October 28, 1988.


This is the Stranded Naked houseboat (below-left), docked at the Other Shore Club in Black Sound on Green Turtle Cay. .


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