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Georgetown Landing Marina – Georgetown, Florida


As potential bad weather was forecasted for the next couple of days we left Murphy’s Creek and made our way for Georgetown Landing Marina, just south of Welaka on the St. Johns River. We wanted to be tied up snuggly while the inclimate weather made its way past us. It rained and the wind was brisk for the better part of our stay so we took advantage of the time by catching up on boat chores including changing the generator oil and filter.


We took our morning walk around Georgetown and came across woods filled with moss covered trees and lots of swamp land for sale.


 QUESTION – Can anyone tell us what kind of plant this is (above – middle)

Thanks to Russ Kimble and Nathaniel Osborne for identifying this beautiful plant and interestingly enough the plant is named American Beautyberry (Callicarpa Americana) a semi-evergreen shrub common in lower the lower south up to North Carolina. It is not poisonous, is favored by deer and has a mint-like aroma that repells mosquitoes. Thanks again Russ and Nathaniel, appreciate the info.


We also did some exploring in neighboring Welaka, and even drove back up to Palatka in search of a new battery for our phone, a trip to Wal-Mart and dinner at Corky Bells, with the marina’s loaner car. Just like the iconic crab is all over the Chesapeake area here the gator reigns. These were life-size and very cute.


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