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Sand Dune Cliffs on the ICW



Some people call this cut, in the Panhandle, from East Bay to Apalachicola the Grand Canyon of the Florida ICW but we don’t think it is really anything like the arid canyons of out west but for us it is more reminisant of the sand dunes in the Leelanau Penninsula near our hometown in Michigan.


This is my (Lisa’s) favorite part of the trip south. The winding cut through this portion has a more intimate feeling than some parts of the waterway. The cut is narrow and you feel as if you can almost reach out and touch the colorful sandy dunes.


As we got almost half way through this cut a fog bank appeared in front of us and lasted quite a few miles. The only thing we could figure was that for some reason in this area the water became warmer than the rest of the cut since the air temp remained the consistant all the way through. The water was silky smooth and like a reflection in a mirror the sandy cliffs revealed their beauty for miles upon miles. The sight simply took our breaths away.


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