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Playing in the Sea of Abaco

We apologize for the long wait between postings but we are having trouble getting internet at our marina and have to go to town to get access. So, we decided not to worry about it and just go with the flow during our last few weeks in paradise. We will still try when we can to get some posts up but some may have to wait till we get to another marina.

We had a perfectly calm day today to dinghy over to Marsh Harbor to visit other Loopers at one of the marinas there and also take a walk through town, stock up at the large, Price Right grocery store, have lunch at Mangos and visit the Buck A Book store.On the way back to our Elbow Cay we played in the Sea Of Abaco.

The marine life just came to life as we glided across the calm crystal clear water. Aren’t the Starfish gigantic? Our hightlight this trip out was the pair of 5 to 6-foot nurse sharks we came across and of course Jim had to chase them around for a while. Maybe not a smart thing to do while in a dinghy.


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