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Our First Look at the New Kismet

Beginning of the week we drove up to Bow, Washington to take our first look at the new Kismet. We were so excited to see our dream boat finally up close and personal. Here are some shots we took:Top-left: The outside work on the hull is complete for a while so the work begins in earnest on the inside. This is a photo looking from the transom towards the bow. The opening to the left will become the door to the engine room. The rectangular hole next to the door opening is where the auto oil charger is mounted. In front of the engine fire wall will be the head, hallway and both staterooms.Top-right: Although this looks like an odd looking hydroplane it is actually the topside recently out of the mold that will eventually be attached to the hull. Windows will go where the fiberglass is now black and also on the side bottom close to the back.Bottom-left: It requires a great deal of imagination to picture what you see to the right of where Rick is standing as the beginning of the galley. In front of where we are standing as the underside of the pilothouse. This is also a close up of what the fiberglass looks like after the vacuum infusion. The rounded out area is the backside of where the pilothouse steering wheel mechanics goes.Bottom-right: More imagination is needed here as well. The white u-shaped area is in the salon and becomes the dinette. The opening in the rear left will become the door that opens to the cockpit. In the middle, to the right of the door, there will be a window installed and also on the port (right) side there will be a large sliding window installed.

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