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Monday is the Day!

Well, we got the word on Thursday that Ric, at Fathom, has scheduled the truck to come pick up our boat at the plant, early Monday morning, to take it to LaConnor where it will hit the water shortly after. We won’t move onto the boat until, probably Wednesday after sea trials are over.

So, needless to say we are very excited. Jim can hardly stand it these last few days and I am finding it hard to get to sleep at night with all the anticipation. Our room at the B&B is full of our purchases from our many shopping expeditions so there is not much room to move around. We have been shopping for small appliances and bed covers, sheets etc. When we first got here Jim spent a lot of time researching and ordering electronics and other boat related items. We wanted all this shopping to be almost done before we moved onto the boat so that we could concentrate on doing as much boating here as possible before we ship it back to the Great Lakes in April.

I guess what I want to tell everyone watching our blog, and maybe thinking of buying a new boat, is that this is definitely the way to go. Order your boat, then go watch it be built. Stay at a B&B, (we highly recommend this one in Seattle-Capitol Hill Guest House. Make some new friends. Explore an unknown city. Become familiar with the local foods and culture. We are from a small town in northern Michigan and we liked the contrast of the big city life in Seattle. I know that neither Jim nor I will ever forget our winter in Seattle and our time at the B&B; this is an adventure in itself.

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  1. I am very impressed by what I have read and seen about the Fathom 40 and look forward to following your launch and Great Loop tour. Will you be in Charlvoix this summer at the new public docks? I am in Elk Rapids and always stop in Charlvoix to look at the big boats. I purchased my first new boat last summer, a 21 foot Trophy walk around with a hard top, but find myself drawn to the bigger cruising style boats and the Fathom 40 looks like the best one I have seen.

  2. Kelly: Our plans are to use the new boat here in Seattle for about 2 months before it gets shipped to the Great Lakes, where we plan to moor it at the Charlevoix City Marina. I think this is our 4th summer in Charlevoix. Let us know when you come up and we’ll make sure we give you a tour of our new Fathom.

  3. What a great story. I’ve seen the fathom and am totally impressed that they have put so much boat in a 40 foot hull. The workmanship looks superb. I know that cruising the northwest waters will prove to be a life long memory. All the best to you two! If you happen to take in Eagle Harbor on Bainbridge Island, stop it at Doc’s and we can swap sea stories. Cheers!

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