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Lost in a Daydream – St. Leonards Creek Anchorage

Sometimes, while docked at a marina, it can be easy to get caught up in boat chores and other tasks of life and work. The marina is busy with boats coming and going and people to talk to and socialize with. Don’t get me wrong, we love marina life, the boats, the people (not so much the boat chores and work).


So whenever a hot, calm, August Sunday presents itself to us our thoughts, almost simultaneously, turn to thinking about the joys of a peaceful afternoon, night and early morning coffee, at anchor. It doesn’t take us long to say… “Let’s go!”

Our new favorite spot, off the Patuxent River, in a cove off St. Leonards Creek, is just a few miles from the marina and we can be there in just under an hour.

So we did our morning chores, went for our daily walk, untied the lines, stopped to get a pump-out and headed up the river around 11:00 am. Which got us anchored around noon.


What do we do all day while anchored out. Well mostly its time to relax, play games, make festive drinks like Bloody Marys, cook, read, talk, watch the wildlife fly and swim by, take photographs, watch the sunset, listen to the sounds all around us especially at night when the woods come alive with a buggy opera. This particular night the surrounding woods near our anchorage was rich with a chorus of critters. We like to sleep with this buggy music wafting into our portholes along with a cool breeze and the gentle rocking of the boat.

For us… this is the life.


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