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Lickety Split

That’s how fast our time went in Key West. We enjoyed the city, sights and sounds but most important… the people, so, we’ll be back.

Prior to departure for the days cruise to Marathon I checked the weather and the waves inside the reef were forecasted for two-footers with a light chop close to shore. WRONG, more like four to five-footers on the beam with no light chop in sight. Forty-five miles of rocking and rolling and Lisa, who often gets sea sick under these conditions, indeed got sick and decided to lay still the rest of the trip. It is a good thing we don’t both suffer this malady since someone has to pilot the boat. Other than that no harm done but when we arrived at Sombrero Dockside, in Marathon our boat felt and looked like someone had taken a box of Kosher salt and poured it all over the boat.


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