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Jekyll Island in the Midst of the Salt Marshes

The salt marshes of Georgia play a major role in maintaining the delicate balance of nature so necessary along the coastal estuaries. Created as a result of glacial processes during the ice ages, the salt marsh serves as a primary nursery ground for many economically important fish and shellfish. Were it not for the marsh, juvenile populations of crabs, shrimp, and fish would be greatly reduced.

Additionally, the salt marshes act as buffers against offshore storms. Without their dissipating effect, hurricanes and northeasters on the Atlantic coast would do much more damage. The grass absorbs most of the wave and current energy, which lessens the damage that can be done.

Traveling through these marshes is a unique experience for a boater. Just another reason why doing the Loop is so interesting because just when you think you have seen everything you find yourself in yet another water wonderland.



We had an amazing breakfast at the Jekyll Island Club in historic section of the island which within walking distance of the marina.


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