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It Just Doesn’t Get Fresher Than This!


We walked to Fishbusterz’s (an amazing fish market right on the docks of the fishing boat harbor on Stock Island) today with the sole intent of securing some fresh tuna for dinner. We had our eyes set on a huge hunk displayed in the case when all of a sudden one of the fishmongers and another man came and took the whole hunk away (apparently a restaurant buyer securing his own bounty).

With our mouths left hanging, because we thought it was a certainty we would have a few steaks off that fillet tonight, we only had to wait a minute, however, before the fishmonger returned and said, “No Problem!” We have more in the back. Off he went and in the room across from the counter two guys pulled out a WHOLE TUNA and began cutting.


Not only were we able to watch our dinner being carved  from this magnificent hunk, right in front of us, but we got some of the freshest tuna in town.


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