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INNOVATION – Infusion Lamination Construction

The Gelcoat is on the Mold
The process uses composite materials and advanced infusion lamination construction. This process reduces weight and increases strength resulting in better efficiency. Infusion lamination is a technique that uses vacuum pressure to draw resin into a laminate. Materials are laid into a mold and a vacuum is applied before resin is introduced. Once a complete vacuum is achieved, resin is literally sucked into the laminate via carefully placed tubing. The part then cures under the higher pressure resulting in much greater fiber-to-resin ratio. A controlled amount of resin is used resulting in more strength and less weight. Typical hand lay-up construction suffers from excess resin being used and does not have the infusion pressure to help bond the laminate. Excess resin will actually weaken the part. Vinyl ester resin, which is stronger than other resins, is used for all molded parts to eliminate the potential for blisters. Fathom is one of the few builders utilizing infusion lamination to build its hulls and other components.

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