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Here We Go… Loop-D-Loop!

We woke up to high winds and big waves today – remnants of hurricane Gustav. Therefore we have decided to postpone our departure by a day or so, in hopes of calmer seas. By doing so we’ll be able to spend a little time reflecting on why we’re heading out a second “Loop.”

The bottom line is that we love to travel by boat while experiencing the beauty and sounds of America, learning about our history while meeting new and interesting people and it goes without saying that we love each other’s company almost all of the time. For me (Jim) I feel that I could not be luckier. I have a loving wife who shares the same passions about our boating lifestyle as I do. We’re both looking forward to our new adventure.

We thank our parents for giving us an independent spirit which enables us to venture away from the comfortable surroundings of home (not without a lot of hugs, kisses and tears though). We thank our sons, Bart, Ross and Skyler for accepting the inevitable that we’re basically vagabonds who will one day settle down, but for now, even though we’ll miss our sons, family, friends and northern Michigan, we’re heading out on the water to follow the call that has such a hold on us at this point in our lives.



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  1. Hi there….nice to read about your adventures. We are sitting high and dry right now….our boat ‘Takitez’ is on the hard in Demopolis, AL while we had to return to
    Ontario, Canada to go back to work. Looking forward to doing the loop someday
    but have some fears and reservations. Looking forward to hearing more of your trip.
    Nice blog!

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