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Fuel Facts

Lisa asked me to write something about fuel economy as I am always explaining to her how much we’re saving in fuel this trip so far, versus our last trip.

In 2005/06 Lisa and I paid an average of $2.86 for gas doing the first 2,300 miles of the Loop and fuel prices were going up. So far in 2008, on our second Loop, we’ve averaged $3.50 for diesel fuel and prices have been going down. Here’s how it breaks down from Charlevoix, Michigan to Panama City Beach, Florida:

We’ve spent 22 percent more per gallon but we’ve spent 47 percent less in total fuel purchased because our average fuel burn per mile went from just under 1 MPG to just above 3 MPG, a 200 percent increase.


Put another way, after we’ve traveled another 1,200 miles we will have spent more in fuel on our last trip than we’ll spend on one entire 6,000 mile Great Loop adventure. Now, that’s a great deal. 

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  1. Jim & Lisa
    Thanks for the fuel notes. You have to love the new engines as they are much more fuel efficent. Do you know your total engine hours so far ? My Defever has twins and knowing your total engine hours will help in my estimates for our trip.
    Also love the dolphine pictures.

    Barb and I enjoy all your trip notes.

    Barb & Dave Reinken
    MV Hallelujah
    Grand Rapids MI

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