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The welcoming “First Sight” of familiar smiling faces from home. Our friends and boating buddies, Gary and Jean flew into Seattle to spend some time with us. Even though the weather could have been better, we still had lots of fun touring downtown, eating, drinking wine and playing games.The time went by so quickly but I guess it always does when you’re having fun and sharing good times with friends and making memories.


On Sunday, we had a mostly dry day and took advantage of the good weather by taking a cruise through the locks and into the ship’s canal and Lake Union. This area is a boater’s visual paradise and we thought Jean and Gary would enjoy the sights. Our friend Tom joined us for the ride, we will make a boater out of him yet.


We took Gary and Jean to the world famous Pike Place market. It started in 1909 and is still located in the same downtown location.


The flowers were in full force, tulips daffodils and much more. Between the colors of the flowers, produce and seafood, the aromas of the lavender, Market Spice Tea and food vendors it is all a bit overwhelming.


The big thing here is to watch the workers at the fish market toss the fish you just bought over to the counter to where another worker catches, weighs and wraps it up. It is fun entertainment because these guys are all “hams.”


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