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Free Waterfront Dockage – Downtown Savannah, Georgia


We’ve been to Savannah three times by boat, staying twice at Thunderbolt and once at the free floating dock right downtown. Savannah is one of those cruising stops worthy of a two or three day layover. If your plans are to go up the Savannah River and dock at the city dock you’ll want to plan ahead.

Before we headed up river we always check this website to get a live view of the dock.

Because the city doen’t reserve space for dockage you’ll want to make sure there is room for your vessel before you head all the way up into town and the live cam provides a visual update every few minutes. The area you’ll be looking for is between the Savannah Hyatt Dock and the River Street Market Place Dock, just behind the paddle boats that are usually parked there. There is about 250 feet of floating dock and room for 7 or 8 boats, if everyone squeezes up. For more information and photos click on Nov. 2009 and or April 2009 on the left hand side column. The City Dock was still free when we were there last April.

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