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Fisherman Bay – Lopez Island

Thursday morning we rose to a gentle rainfall. We took time with our showers and preparations to leave not wanting to vacate the peace and quiet of Reid Harbor. We find that most days include rain of some sort accompanied by ever changing skies, which open and close to expose the blue sky and rays of sun on and off all day long. We have noticed that the skies here are often dark and menacing looking, but quite harmless unless accompanied by strong wind. We have picked a good week to tour the San Juans since the winds we experienced earlier in the month have departed and all of our days here, so far, (knock on wood) have been extremely calm and inviting.


Today we head to Lopez Island to meet up with our friends David and Judy one last time before we end our stay in the Pacific Northwest. After we left Reid Harbor, we cruised near Orca Island and took the long way round to Fisherman Bay on Lopez Island.

We approached the harbor at low tide and were sorry we had not come earlier in the day since it was quite shallow going in. We made a mental note to make sure we leave at high tide Friday morning. 

David and Judy picked us up at the marina and took us out to dinner. Later we returned to the boat for tea and cookies and none of us wanted the night to end. Then it was time to say goodbye with promises to keep in touch and plan future get-togethers.



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