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Father’s Day at Mount Vernon


Yesterday we wanted to leave the dock and head up the Potomac towards the Capitol to do some more sight seeing but the weather just did not want to cooperate. So instead of waiting until we got there by boat we hopped in the truck and made a quick road trip to Mt. Vernon. We thought that it would be more than appropriate to spend Father’s Day at the home of the father of our country, George Washington.


Well, it turns out that we were not the only ones with this idea and we must have waited one-and-three-quarters of an hour to walk through the house. This is long enough to become well acquainted with our neighbors in line. Anyways it was a beautiful day and we enjoyed it immensely. The view of the curvy Potomac from the top of the hill was amazing and the gardens were in full bloom with vegetables and herbs. We walked down to the Tomb and visited the memorial to the slaves of the Washington family.

Before we left we lingered on the porch and tried to imagine what George and Martha must have thought while relaxing and taking in the view long ago on this very same spot.


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