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Fast Friends

Hsu-Yu & JimHuang FamilyHuang Family CookingTom Hsu-Yu Jim
We met the Huang family at our B&B on Capitol Hill. Chen (Meg) is a student from Taiwan now studying in Seattle, Yu-Yen, Chen’s mother, stays with her here while her father commutes back and forth from Taiwan. Just before Christmas they moved from the B&B into their new apartment, which is close to where we are staying. We’ve made fast friends with them in the short amount of time that we have been here. Hsu-Yu is a very friendly man who loves to travel so he and Jim hit it off right away.We had the honor of being the first guests in their lovely new home. Yu-Yen prepared a delicious, as well as visual, feast for us with different kinds of teas, soups and flavors that were new for us. Hsu-yu explained about the foods and many customs of his country. The Huang family was very gracious; they created an evening we will never forget.Here you see the Huang family with another family friend, Sam (also a student) and another guest from the B&B, Tom.

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