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Erie Canal – To Amsterdam, New York


Up until Memorial Day weekend we had only had about 5 days of rainy weather the whole trip. Since we arrived in Waterford and the start of the Erie Canal it has rained about 9 days straight, with only one afternoon of sunshine today, making it seem more like a typical northern Michigan June.


After leaving Waterford we headed west on the canal with 10 locks the first day we ended up in Amsterdam, NY. Most of the towns on the canal have seen their better days however you can see how at one time they were all rather grand.


During our walk around town we found a great neighborhood Italian restaurant, Bosco’s. They had the best Calzone we’ve ever eaten. Amsterdam was the home of Mohawk Carpeting before they folded. The trains run non-stop abreast of the canal where we tied up on the free dock wall. Great entertainment at first, however a little difficult when trying to sleep that night.


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