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End of the Line – Bella Luna Departs while Kismet Lingers

For the last six weeks we have had the pleasure of sharing our boating travels with Louis and Diane Wade, Bella Luna. We have had dinners on-board one or the other boat or we’ve all gone out to have a taste of the local cuisine. We’ve played games, made repairs to our boats, visited with each other’s friends and family, took shore excursions and just plain had fun.


So it was bittersweet today when we gave each other hugs and said goodbye to our friends on Bella Luna. They need to get home sooner than we do, we’re both heading back to Jacksonville just at different speeds, to get home for the holidays. We have more time in our schedule and have decided to make some stops on the way north back to Jacksonville  that we may not have the opportunity to explore in the future.

I said it was bittersweet… bitter in that we’ll miss our good friends Louis and Diane and hope to meet up with them again soon… it’s also sweet because we’ve created some great memories together and now Lisa has me all to herself!

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