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Down by the River – Savannah, Georgia


Bella Luna and Kismet arrived in Savannah, GA Friday afternoon and were delighted to find room at the city dock on the riverfront downtown right in the thick of all the action. Savannah is another southern town that is rich in history there is something to learn around every corner. The river is very busy with container ships, tugboats, old paddle wheel ships and water taxies.


Also a wonderful walking town, we love to walk around Savannah but getting our exercise here feels more like fun than a workout since the town is so well laid out with all the beautiful squares every few blocks. We like to walk through the parks and residential streets close to the waterfront, absorbing the unique architecture, visiting art galleries and window-shopping. Sunday we had lunch at a local place called Six Pence Pub. Lisa made the comment that she could spend a couple of months in Savannah and I would have to agree.


Saturday we were joined on the dock by Shore ThingForeign Exchange and on Sunday, Reel Estate. By Sunday, our five boats took up all but twenty feet of the available dock space. We all, but Reel Estate, met in the fall of 2008 doing the Great Loop so it seemed natural for us to get together for happy hour to share our stories, talk about the current boating season and create more memories.


So here we are, a thousand miles from home sharing a dock for two to three days with friends we’ve met on the water from Connecticut, North Carolina and Toronto. We’ll travel together for a couple of days and then go our separate ways until we hopefully meet up again somewhere on the water. It’s nice to have friends away from home wherever we go.


Saturday we just had to return to Polk’s Fresh Market, a family run market on 530 East Liberty Street. We had visited here on our way north last spring and were very impressed with this establishment. Today they were having a big home cooked BBQ going on with a big cooker outside along with their usual fair of fresh farm produce and other food items.

Jerry, the owner showed us how they boil peanuts in Georgia. We learned that the salt is not absorbed into the nuts while it is boiling, the batch has to cool off and sit in the water for awhile to make them salty. He sent us away with one of his grandma’s fruit cakes and of course we bought a few bags of peanuts.


Leaving Savannah... We exited the dock first, then Reel Estate, who was just behind us at the dock. Brantley and Brenda took off and passed us right away. They travel at a much faster speed than the rest of us and today they are going on the “outside,” they plan to be in Florida later today. Bella Luna followed then Foreign Exchange and finally Shore Thing brought up the rear.


This container ship surprised us just after we left the dock. They move very quickly and in no time was passing all of us. We just pulled over to the side a little and let her have all the room she needed to pass.

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