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Loopers Love the North Channel

When asked where one of their favorite Loop cruising territories were many Loopers will talk about the time spent in Canada’s North Channel. Packed with countless anchorage possibilities in glacier formed coves surrounded by beautifully rugged terrain and crystal clear water these are (in our opinion) waters you’ll enjoy spending relaxing summer days. To view photo’s and more detailed descriptions of the North Channel simply click the Canada or North Channel link in the sidebar.


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Song Birds at Heywood Island – North Channel

We enjoyed the “Pool” so much we didn’t want to leave but finally we departed for Heywood Island and later, Little Current.After getting settled into our quiet anchorage, shared with half a dozen other boats, off Heywood Island, we were suddenly surrounded by 20 trailorable sailing boats. These are small sailboats with outboards on them that when they are not sailing can get up on plain. Once they all got settled and got into their respective dinghies they formed the largest…

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Hiking “UP” to Topaz Lake

Another gorgeous day in the North Channel. We were anchored in the "Pool," a well protected cover just at the end of Baie Fin. We took advantage of the great weather by exploring by dinghy and beaching the small craft on a rocky shore so we could hike up the rocky cliff to Topaz Lake located at the very top.Yes, you read this correctly, we hiked "UP" to the Lake. The reward for our efforts, after a very hot and…

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The “Pool” at the End of Baie Fine – North Channel

Baie Fine is a wonderful 10-mile cruise laden with fantastic photo opportunities around each rocky bend and cliff as you work your way up to a little cove called the “Pool."We anchored, as is tradition, in the med-moor style with a stern line run to shore and tied securely to a tree. It was so peaceful we stayed for two days but could have easily stayed a week. Too much to see and too little time I guess. Our first…

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The Wonders of Traveling through Ontario’s Baie Fine

One of the most beautiful and satisfying trips in the North Channel is the trip up Baie Fin (pronounced Bay Fin) to the Pool. You would think you were traveling in a scandinavian fjord the way the quartz cliff rise so high from the water. Baie Fine is an exceptional experience that all cruisers to the North Channel should experience, especially if you’re only going to travel through once.Not only a lovely scenic view but appetizers today for the crew of Kismet.

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Bear-ly Fun on Croker Island – North Channel, Canada

Canada’s North Channel is a magical boating paradise and for us Croker Island is one of its gems. The reason we like Croker Island so much is because it has a cove that provides an excellent, well protected, anchorage. From here you can dinghy and explore around Croker, or go over to the equally magnificent Benjamin or Fox Islands to dinghy through the menagerie of coves, creeks and unique, glacier created, rock formations.Nestled into our anchorage with a half dozen…

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Covered Portage Cove – North Channel

Two miles to the west of Killarney lies Covered Portage Cove, a kunkholers dream. The narrow entrance, that has large boulders protruding from the water makes for an nerve racking entrance for ones first visit but made easier if the cruising guide advice is followed.Once inside it’s common practice to anchor med-moor style, this giving the greatest amount of room for other boaters as this area can get pretty busy at times. Lisa and I landed our dinghy so we…

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