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Destination – Little Diversion Anchorage

We left Hoppie’s this morning with very little fog. The nights are getting cooler now with the daytime warming up nicely to somewhere in the seventies. Our main problem most mornings now will be the fog and how long it takes to lift.

There was a caravan of six of us who left Hoppie’s this morning bright and early. Mistress, Grettatude, Our Turn, Seque, Blue Max and us. We helped each other navigate the turbulent Mississippi River by radioing notices about debris and tug preferences while also making decisions about tonight’s anchorage and how it would work out.

The Mississippi is very swirly with many whirlpools and current. Negotiating the combination of current and tug wake on this stretch made it very a very long, tense day.

We settled in this evening in a beautiful anchorage called Little Diversion Channel just south of Cape Girardeau, MS. Plenty of room for all six boats and then some. perfectly calm and peaceful. Sweet dreams for us. 


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