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Passing Inspection


Just after we set the anchor and got settled to watch the Blue angels, we saw the brightly colored Coast Guard boat approaching, quickly, along Kismet’s portside. There were a lot of boats in the Patuxent River today to watch the air show and this situation is always a good occasion for the Coast Guard to do a lot of boat inspections.


 For us this is a great opportunity to meet some of the young men who protect the waters of our country and we always welcome them with warm smiles and open arms. Courteous, professional and thorough, as you can see from the photos, these are nice young men who do our country proud.


While disembarking the last guy did not have time to hop onto the CG boat when they nosed up to Kismet and since the water was a little rocky it took a couple of trys and by then we were all laughing and just having a lot of fun.


We were happy too that, due to the captain’s due dilligence, we passed the inspection with flying colors. So almost as quickly as they came they were gone and we all headed for the flybridge to watch the amazing Blue Angels fly.


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