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We don’t want to do it, but then again we do… We are talking about leaving Washington to go home. We’ve had such a rewarding experience while in the Pacific Northwest making new friends, reacquainting ourselves with some of Lisa’s old friends, sightseeing, watching our new boat be built, cruising the Puget Sound, the San Juan Islands and a few surrounding inland lakes. Part of us would really like to just stay – This is the “don’t want to do it” part. On the other hand we are getting antsy to leave because we miss being with our family and friends back home and now that summer is just around the corner we’ll be anxious to see the familiar waters of the Great Lakes and return to our home state of Michigan with our new Kismet – This is the “want to” part.


Lisa asked me to write this final posting of our experiences during our 5-month visit to Washington State and after reflecting on our time spent here I’ve got to say that I am one lucky guy. I am lucky because Lisa loves the adventures we embark on as much as I do and often times, I think, more than I do. Spending the winter out here while having a new boat built was OUR idea, not mine and not hers, but ours and I find it very satisfying to be able to share this experience with someone who can, not only embrace a dream but, work to make it turn into a reality.

So, to our friends in Seattle, we hope to see you all again in the near future, we really do want to come back someday. To everyone back home… we’ll see you soon.

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