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All Things Huckins


Quite by happen-chance we hooked up with Terry and Judi Wilcox who keep their Huckins, Litenup III, at the Huckins Marina just up the river from where we’re docked. They had us over to their boat where we discussed long distance cruising as well as getting a tour of their 65-foot wooden classic. We enjoyed dinner together a few nights later at the Florida Yacht Club and really got to delve into our mutual boating passions.

Huckins was started here in Jacksonville in 1928 and was one of the pioneers of the planing hull of which Huckins calls theirs the Fairform Flyer. ( Huckins also helped in the WWII war effort with the PT boat design (the hull is the same) and construction and today uses modern technology in the construction of their classic hulls. It was fun to walk the docks and boat-yard to see so many Huckins in one place and to think we would have most likely missed if it wasn’t for a chance encounter with the Terry & Judi.


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