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AGLCA Fall Rendezvous – Rogersville, AL

AGLCA Fall Rendezvous

As “Loopers,” we were excited to be able to tow our boat from Lake Powell to Rogersville, Alabama for the AGLCA (America’s Great Loop Cruisers’ Association) 2011 Fall Rendezvous. Little did we know that, not only would we make new friends, we’d run into a few Loopers that we did the Loop with back in 2005/06.

Kismet at the 2011 AGLCA Fall RendezvousPatsy and Tom Conrad and Janice Kromer

Tom Conrad (above-center), here with his wife Patsy and Janice Kromer, was the MC for the rendezvous. He did a great job.

Jim Favors presenting the St. Johns River

Jim did a presentation on the St. Johns River.

Audrey Stehle and Patsy ConradSusann and Alan Syme

Fellow AGLCA Advisory Board members, Audrey Stehle and Patsy Conrad (above-left). Susann and Alan Syme (above-right).

Tom and Patsy ConradTom and Patsy Conrad

Tom and Patsy Conrad (above – Tom’s not only the MC for this event, but he’s also the famous weather guy Loopers rely on when anticipating the Gulf crossing).

Rick and Betsy JohnsonMC, Tom Conrad

Fellow AGLCA Advisory Board members, Rick and Betsy Johnson (above-left).

Patsy Conrad and Ron Stob sing the Looper SongTed Stehle and Steve and Janice Kromer

Patsy and Ron Stob sang an original Looper song while Ted Stehle, Steve and Janice Kromer manned the bar.

Looper Sign

Jan and Rusty got a big going away party on the patio by old Looper friends of ours Ken and Darcy Searl (Darcy’s in our book, Women On Board Cruising).

Ken and Darcy Searl on Just UsDarcy Searl and Lisa Favors

Ken and Darcy Searl, Just Us, (above-left) and Darcy again with Lisa (above-right). Jan and Rusty, cbay, the honored recipients of the impromptu party (below-left) and long time Loopers and friends, Elvie and Roy on Roy-El, (Elvie is also in our book, Women On Board Cruising) drove to the event to visit their many Looper friends.

AGLCA Fall RendezvousElvie and Roy on Roy-ElAGLCA Fall Rendezvous

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