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A Step Back in Time… St. Mary’s City


Today we decided to take a road trip to see some of the countryside while heading toward historic St. Mary’s City, which is the site of Maryland’s first capital. English settlers established the colony in 1634, not long after the founding of Jamestown and Plymouth. The small city flourished until the capital was moved to Annapolis in 1695. Today, the city is a National Historic Landmark and is recognized as one of America’s best-preserved archaeological sites.

The original city no longer stands but many of the 17th century roads and paths, houses, and public buildings have been recreated.

St. Mary’s City is rich in hardships, opportunities and triumph. Many of America’s great ideals, including religious toleration and separation of church and state, were first tested here.


This is the site of the first English Catholic chapel (above) in the New World. It is presently being rebuilt on its original foundation.



The Maryland Dove, is a re-creation of a 17th-century square-rigged ship. Today this replication is an actual working ship that sails to ports-of-call around the Chesapeake Bay to tell the story of Maryland’s history.


Jim demonstrated for me the difference between pulley systems. It’s amazing the difference in ease of use between the three systems displayed (below).


St. John’s Site Museum (above), an actual archeological site, preserves the foundation of the most important historic site in Maryland.

We finished the day with a late lunch at Courtney’s. It’s a popular seafood spot.


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