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A Day of Firsts

Our Kismet finally feels the fresh northwest air, goes for a truck ride, touches water, gets its top put on and its engine started – all on a rare, for the Pacific Northwest, sunny and warm, February day.


We arrived at the Fathom plant at 8a.m. just in time to watch our boat being loaded onto the trailer, which is used to haul boats to the launch site. As the boat peeked out of its womb for the very first time the truck stopped so that all the Fathom craftspeople could pose for a photo op next to our boat. These are the talented people who made it all come together in just three-and-a-half months.


After a short truck ride to the launch site a large travel lift is positioned over the boat to lift it off of the trailer. It’s then moved into position over the well before being lowered into the water for the first time. Then the fly bridge is lowered into place by a boom. Shortly after the technicians installed the safety rails, ran the engine and generator for the first time, tested both thrusters, and engaged the transmission into forward and reverse and more. It was a fun day with Ric grabbing burgers from town as we all shared lunch on the fly bridge with the sun keeping us warm.

The pieces have all come together into a beautiful boat and we could not be more pleased. 


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